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Walnut Creek Custom Swimming Pools & Spa's

Walnut Creek Residential pools are our specialty! We have transformed 2,000 backyards and counting.

Walnut Creek Custom Swimming Pools & Spas

Installing a swimming pool is a transformative decision that brings a multitude of advantages, and hiring a custom pool builder takes this experience to a whole new level. Beyond the obvious joys of recreation and relaxation, a personalized pool adds a unique touch to your property, becoming a focal point of beauty and luxury. By enlisting the expertise of Aqua Dream Pool builders and our swimming pool services, you’re granted the freedom to design a pool that seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle and preferences. Our skill in crafting features, such as waterfalls, intricate tiling, or ambient lighting, ensures that your pool is a true reflection of your vision. From conceptualization to construction, we work hand in hand with you, translating your ideas into a tangible oasis that embodies your dreams.

Walnut Creek Swimming pool services from Aqua Dream Pools California.

The end result is not just a pool, but a carefully curated escape that enhances the value of your property, fosters memorable moments with loved ones, and stands as a testament to your unique taste and style.

Swimming pools come in many shapes and sizes, we suggest taking a look at our gallery to get some ideas and inspiration!

Walnut Creek Quality Pool Construction Backed by a Comprehensive Warranty

We’ve sourced the best materials, the most cutting-edge and energy-efficient pool equipment, and the most skilled and experienced craftsmen in Northern California, exceeding industry standards to bring you the highest level of quality and value available. We are confident in the superior standard of work we provide, and you can be too with our comprehensive warranty program. All of our pools are covered by a Lifetime Structural Warranty. Pool equipment is covered under the manufacturer’s 3-Year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty.

Walnut Creek Custom Swimming Pool Design

Our process in detail...

Our process begins with a phone call to discuss your vision, then a on-site visit, ensuring a harmonious design that seamlessly complements your property. Subsequently, we translate your ideas into visual drawings that portray how your pool will harmonize within your surroundings.

Continuing on, we engage with you in our showroom, fostering collaborative efforts to refine your design. Here, you can select from a range of premium materials and unique features offered by the industry, transforming both your pool and backyard into an idyllic oasis.

Then, our designers will get to work at drawing up the three dimensional plans so that you can get a proper look at your pool in your yard. This can be one of the most critical parts of the design and build out of your new pool because it allows you to see an incredible amount of detail that traditional blueprints just can not provide. With the three dimensional plan, you will be able to fine tune all aspects of your pool design and placement.

Upon finalizing the design phase, we initiate the permitting procedure. Our focus remains on facilitating a streamlined transition from permitting to construction, ensuring efficiency throughout.

Learn more about the process here.